Sea Wool Sponge


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Found off the Florida coast in the Gulf of Mexico, Wool Sponges are of the highest quality is the most popular of all natural sponges. It is the most durable, softest, most pliable and absorbent sponge available. Its soft lambswool type texture makes it perfect for bathing.  One of the most popular features of natural sea sponges is they do not harbor bacteria or mold. A wool sponge can last up to 10 years if taken care of properly.

Uses for the Natural Wool Sponges:

  • Bathing
  • Washing your baby (Car)
  • Decorative Painting or Faux Finishing
  • Horse washing

Whole sponges are the best shaped full round sponges.
Cut Sponges are cut from larger sponges that may not have the preferred round shape. The quality is the same as the whole sponge.


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Styles & Sizes

Cut Sea Wool Sponges 4"-5", Cut Sea Wool Sponges 5"-6", Cut Sea Wool Sponge 7"-8", Whole Sea Wool Sponge 5"-6", Whole Sea Wool Sponge 6"- 7", Whole Sea Wool Sponge 7"-8"


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