Honey Soap

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Our handcrafted natural honey face soap bars are made in the traditional process from scratch, using the finest ingredients available. These antibacterial soaps are excellent for any skin condition.

We strive to provide the best handmade soap in the traditional homemade spirit that has inspired us to provide these products to you. We make, test and cut every batch for the highest quality possible.

Essential Oils are used in our homemade natural soap for relaxing and rejuvenating aroma therapy as well as for specific healing properties. In addition, natural botanicals and plants are used to add color and texture to each handcrafted natural soap batch.

1 review for Honey Soap

  1. Madeline Del Rio

    I bought this soap on a trip to Tarpon springs and I will be buying it again for sure! I have not had any blemishes on my skin since I started using this soap. It smells great and works amazing! Skin care can be complicated and expensive right now, but this soap is all I use and my skin is the clearest it has ever been.

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